GASTREGHINI (high quality bakery and patisserie) and SPE.GA.M. (gastronomy, fresh food, ready meal and piadine): here is the Sole e Bontà group, a modern organization in which artisanship meets technology.

In the production’s workshops, the values of tradition consolidate every day, through principles, methods and objectives in continuous evolution.

Gastreghini family, since 1958, brings the tradition to the Italian tables. Its bakery and confectionery products hand down in time the workmanship, the simple and genuine recipes. Thanks to its will of growth, without neglecting quality, Gastreghini is now a food group, which is becoming a solid point of reference in the food industry.

Gastreghini gives you an handmade product of superior quality.
Thanks to a workshop at the forefront, to expert employees and to the careful selection of raw materials Gastreghini can satisfy the needs of increasingly aware customers.

Gastreghini ’s products are distributed all over the country. Some of them have been chosen by the major large-scale distribution groups for their private labels, further evidence of the firm’s high reliability.
Gastreghini takes pride of its products certified with the organic label. Our firm was one of the first in Marche region to believe in healthy organic products more than 20 years ago.