Vincisgrassi MARCHE

According to tradition, the name derives from the fact that a cook maceratese or, according to a variant, a cook from Ancona, prepared this dish in honor of the Austrian General Alfred von Windisch-Graetz (which in Italian sounds a lot like vincisgrassi), who had fought against Napoleon in ' Siege of Ancona in 1799.

In fact, the origins of this dish are lost in the mists of time, constituting the main course of Ancona, Macerata and Fermo provinces’ festive lunches.

Its main feature is the "Marche sauce" summa of well 3 different types of sauces: beef, pork and chicken. In particular, our recipe, which faithfully follows the traditional one, still uses the less noble parts of the chicken, perfectly in line with the ancient logic of subsistence and maximum use of scarce resources. Compared to the Bolognese lasagna, there is also a les amount of béchamel sauce, which allows a better crispiness of fresh pasta sheets during cooking.

The method of preparation is still completely handmade, the result of experience handed down from our grandmothers: you grease the baking sheet with the fat from the sauce surfaced, and then form the layers alternating previously boiled fresh pasta (al dente) with meat sauce, béchamel and grated cheese. The optimal number of layers is 7.

A slow cooking in a wood oven at 180 ° C for 20-30 minutes is the last step before serving steaming at the table.

The result is a combination of different flavors able to give the dish a rich and unmistakable taste.

Available in 300 g and 1500 g