SPE.GA.M. (SPEcialità GAstronomiche delle Marche- Marche’s Gastronomical Delicacies) was born in 1991 and immediately stand out among the best brands due to the superior quality of its offer, emerging as a specialist in gastronomy, fresh pasta and ready meals.

Spe.ga.m. believes in craftsmanship: his laboratory is like an “home kitchen”, where every product is made with traditional processes, from the careful drawing of the pasta dough, to sauces and fillings preparation.
Spe.Ga.M. produces also for the most important private label of Italian large –scale distribution groups, further proof of reliability for a company able to satisfy every customer.

A large offer of fresh products, packaged in CPET and available in practical sizes, catering or take away. From fresh pasta to the ancient recipes of our ready meals and the “Piadina tradizionale”: delicacies of unmistakably Italian genuine taste.